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HRAM Memberships

HRAM is a non-profit professional association in the Omaha metro dedicated to the advancement of the human resource profession.



Membership shall be limited to those individuals who are:

  1. a practitioner in any of the various functional areas within HR management, including but not limited to, compensation, benefits, employment, employee or organizational development employee relations and management practices, workers' compensation, human resource information systems, safety, and employee assistance programs (EAP), but not including those exclusively providing administrative services to these functional areas: or

  2. as a university or college faculty member responsible for instructing students in HR management or serving as advisor to a SHRM Student Chapter, or

  3. the applicant is a Professional Member of SHRM.


Any member of a SHRM Student Chapter is eligible. Full-time students with an emphasis in human resources at colleges without a SHRM student chapter may be considered.  To obtain a complimentary HRAM Student Membership a student must qualify and obtain a SHRM Student Membership.  A copy of the SHRM Membership card and SHRM associated email address is required to obtain a complimentary HRAM Student Membership.


HRAM Past Presidents become Lifetime members upon completion of their term(s). Upon application, a Lifetime member shall have the privileges of a Professional membership. Dues and program attendance fees will be waived.


As of January 2020, all dues are based on a rolling calendar.  The date you join and pay, your membership expires in exactly one year. The dues cover only the cost of annual membership and do not include the costs associated with monthly event registration fees involved with any other HRAM events. There is an option for auto-renewal each year.

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Annual  Rates

   SHRM Member


   Non-SHRM Member





HRAM is the local chapter of SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) in the Omaha metro.  A SHRM Membership is optional for most HRAM members. However, we strongly encourage all HRAM members to join SHRM because of the many benefits and resources available to them as a SHRM member.

A SHRM Membership and a HRAM Membership are the perfect combination.  SHRM can provide you white pages, examples of policies and procedures, along with national conferences. HRAM can provide you with education, networking and career insight on the local landscape.

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If you are a current HRAM member and wish to join SHRM, you can receive a reduced fee for your first year of membership by indicating you belong to HRAM Chapter #0019 when you submit your membership application to SHRM, or you can join online.


HRAM would not be the professional association it is today without the dedication of its volunteers.  If you would like to serve on one of the committees, indicate your committee (Group) preference in your profile.  You will be added to the Group forum online and committee roster for further communication.  If you have questions about any of the committees, we encourage you to visit Get Involved and read the information about our various committees, or contact the HRAM office.

We also encourage you to attend a HRAM Member Orientation. Orientations are held quarterly via in-person and webinar.  Check the HRAM Events calendar for an upcoming orientation!

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Membership:  Individual vs. Company

HRAM Memberships are based on the individual. There are no corporate or institutional memberships whether the individual or company pays the dues.  The benefits of a membership reaches you, the member, and your company!

Membership Transfer

HRAM Memberships are non-transferable to a new recruit in a company. The membership continues with the individual to help guide them in their new career path and create further opportunities. 

There shall be no solicitation, verbally, through printed material, or digitally during or after HRAM events except for the sponsor(s) of the event. No person may use the HRAM Membership Directory for purposes of solicitation or providing information about their organization. Anyone determined to be soliciting will be subject to administrative action up to and including expulsion from membership without a refund of dues.

Thank you to our HRAM Sponsors and Partners

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