Sample Salary Data and Methodology 

Compensation survey packets were distributed to all participants in January, 2010. Survey data is effective February 1, 2010. Follow-up contacts were made by HRAM representatives to verify any unusual data on the survey.

Data Handling Assumptions & Conventions

In the course of preparing the data, certain assumptions, adjustments, and conventional treatments were necessary in order to maintain the integrity of the resulting information. The following procedures and assumptions were used in the preparation of the data in the survey: 

  • Data that fell outside the norm for the position or question asked was reviewed with the submitting participant and was verified, corrected or otherwise deleted.
  • Where a range of data was given by the participant (i.e. $5.00 to $35.00 or 5% to 35%, etc.) the average of the range of data was calculated and used in the final survey results, or otherwise deleted.
  • Positions and questions that have 3 or more responses from participants were calculated. Where there were less than 3 pieces of data, results were not reported or otherwise reported as Insufficient Data ("-").
  • If the majority of respondents for a position are non-exempt, summary data for the position is given in hourly figures. If the majority of respondents for a position are exempt, summary data for the position is given in annual figures.
  • Unusual salary ranges were reviewed and ranges that did not represent standard salary practices were deleted in order to maintain the integrity of the range information. Single step ranges were reported as incumbent average salaries only. Ranges that represented the spread of actual salaries among incumbents and not salary administration practices were deleted.

Every reasonable effort was made to maintain data integrity and provide accurate and useful information.

Note: The scope of this survey is extremely broad. The survey encompasses organizations having fewer than 20 employees to those with over 5,000 employees, operating locally, nationally and internationally. For purposes of this survey, the number of Omaha area employees was used to determine firm size for a relevant comparison to your organization.

Survey Format 

With over organizations participated in the General Pay Practices and Salary Data section of the survey. The participating organizations are listed and tables describing the participants are included in the General Pay Practices section.

For the General Pay Practices Section, the original questions that participants answered are included. Data is given in table forms throughout the entire survey and, where necessary, a small explanation of the data exists.

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